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Dear guest, we at Støtvig Hotel do everything we can to make you, your companion and your colleagues feel safe when you have a stay with us. The safety of our guests and our employees has the highest priority, and after the outbreak of the coronavirus, we have followed the development very closely.

We have an extremely high standard of hygiene and cleanliness - it is central to our concept and the way we run Støtvig Hotel. We have intensified and expanded our already strict washing and disinfection routines of all areas. Basic requirements for infection control must be met. This means that we ensure that visitors and employees can keep one meter distance between them, that we have developed routines for good hygiene and good cleaning, and that we ensure that these routines are complied with.

These rules apply per 15th of January 2022:

We inform our guest clearly about general advice for hand hygiene and that those who have a respiratory infection do not have access to the premises. We provide good opportunities for hand washing and disinfection for both visitors and employees. There will be at least one meter distance between chairs and guests at one table and chairs and guests at the next table. Groups belonging to the same household or similar can sit together in groups and closer to each other than one meter.

These are the national orders as of 15th of January 2022:

  • Alcohol is only served to seated guests.
  • Serving of alcohol closes at 23:00.
  • Maximum number of guests per group: 30 guests.
  • Bad&Spa&Trim: Open, but only available when pre-booked.
  • Bowling and Shuffleboard are open – but must be pre-booked.
  • Distance requirement of one meter.
  • Face mask required where distance cannot be maintained.

As a result of the authorities' request to register guests, we have a system where Støtvig Hotel's guests can easily scan a QR-code to register. In this way, we can more easily get in touch with visitors in the event of an outbreak of infection.

We generally have good routines for cleaning. All toilets will be checked once an hour and contact surfaces such as door handles will be washed continuously.


This applies to our course and conference guests:

  • Disinfection is available in each meeting room.
  • All door handles, and common contact points are washed continuously.
  • All surfaces are washed thoroughly before arrival, during breaks and after departure.
  • Capacity in all meeting rooms is arranged to meet the authorities one-meter distance requirement.
  • Only our employees in the course and conference department operate the technical equipment in the meeting rooms.
  • Conference guests are assigned their own break times, lunch times and check-in times so that we reduce the number of guests gathering in the common areas.