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Son artists strut their stuff at Støtvig Hotel

This year, we are fortunate to have both Kaja Norum and Svein Søgnen exhibit their works of art from 14–20 July.

Kaja Norum (1989- ) is a well-known Norwegian figurative painter and draftsman, who apprenticed with Odd Nerdrum and has spent time working in Paris on several occasions. Kaja creates images with a timeless, archetypal character through the use of historic techniques.

Svein Søgnen (1943- ) has a modern classic style and has spent longer periods of time working in both France and England, where he has also exhibited his work. Svein is particularly well known for his depictions of nature and villages.


Opening hours from 12 pm to 5 pm daily from 14–20 July 2019 and with the artists on hand to discuss their work.

Preview on 13 July at  5 pm.