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More about the hotel

Støtvig Hotel was carefully designed to be remembered by summer guests, wedding guests, course and conference participants, spa guests, golfers, tennis players, groups of friends and couples. The surroundings are beautiful, the rooms bright and spacious and the restaurants and bars staffed with professionals who take pride in offering you the best possible service.

We are easy to find, located around 55 minutes from the centre of Oslo and Svinesund and only 15 minutes from Moss Airport-Rygge, Rygge train station and Moss city centre.

We make every effort to give all guests a memorable experience.

Støtvig Hotel welcomed its first guests back in 1900 and, for more than a hundred years, was one of the most distinguished and well-known Oslo Fjord waterfront hotels. In 2011, the old hotel was torn down and the current owner, Fische AS, spent several years building a new and modern hotel on the exact same grounds as the original one. Much of the unique ‘fjord hotel along the Oslo Fjord feeling’ is maintained, with the addition of a Hampton and New England atmosphere. The result is exquisite, personal and with the highest quality materials and finish, a hotel unlike all the chain hotels in our country, one that is created for unforgettable experiences. After all, our ultimate goal is that your stay will be a memorable one.